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CBF manufactures a wide range of hydraulic valves for the ever expanding mobile and industrial equipment sectors, also designing and manufacturing hydraulic systems under customer specifications.
Our wide range of products includes:
Relief valves, pressure reducing valves, over centre valves, flow dividers, flow regulators, check valves, pilot operated check valves, sequence valves, NG6 and NG10 modular valves, solenoid valves, end stroke valves, cylinder lock valves, one-lever low flow directional valve, hand pumps, and custom manifold systems.


CBF at HANNOVER, 24-28 April 2017 

CBF at Paris from 26-02-2017 to 02-03-2017 
New Pilot operated check valve VBP20C



New Pilot operated check valve, cartridge type VBP20C

More details: Products - check valves - single effect

New sub-plate for solenoid valves BEC3FMD112


The new sub-plate BEC3FMD112 for solenoid valves is now avaliable.
This valve is flangeable to DANFOSS OMP motors - NG6
For more details see the catalogue's page: Products - motor valves - valves for DANFOSS motors



Solenoid directional valves 3÷4 ways for SAE CAVITY


New solenoid directional valves:

  • EV104XC: 4/2 solenoid directional valve for cavity SAE 10-4
  • EV1043XC: 4/3 solenoid directional valve for cavity SAE 10-4
  • EV103XC: 3/2 solenoid directional valve for cavity SAE 10-3

For more details see the catalogue page: products - solenoid valve